Singles Day in Singapore 2023

Singles Day, also known as 11.11Guanggun Jie and Single Sticks Holiday is the day dedicated to singles all around the world. The day is celebrated by single men, who actually do not have a female life partner. Singles jubilate the day by gathering together and enjoying shopping whole day.

When is Singles Day?

Similar to other parts of the world, Singles Day is also celebrated in Singapore on November 11 every year. In 2023, it is falling on Saturday.

11/11 is observed as a shopping event to a great degree. Local and international brands offer huge discounts and deals on Singles Day. According to TheVerge, Alibaba recorded a remarkable $30.8 billion sales on November 11, 2018. This figure is way higher than Amazon’s biggest day i.e. Prime Day observed in the month of July.

Albeit, the biggest celebrations of the 11.11 take place in China, Singaporean singles are not behind. Across the country, there are huge sales and discounts offered by E-commerce websites as well as local stores.

Here on, we will guide you all about history, tips for celebrating the day, shopping events, Singles Day sales in Singapore, deals and discounts that you can avail in the country.


Chinese Singles’ Day also known as Bachelors’ Day first took place in Nanjing University of China in 1993. In following years, these celebrations expanded to other universities in Nanjing. “Singles Day” is also represented as 11/11 (11th of November) as the digit ‘1’ symbolizes one single and 11/11 do represent 4 singles.



About the history, there is no authentic information however some theories. One theory suggests that the festival began from the dorm culture of Nanjing University.

Another belief is that four male students (all singles) decided to celebrate November 11 as Singles Day. They have had various reasons such as getting rid of sameness of being single and also to feel honored of their singular status of their lives.

These celebrations were later adopted by other students in the university which onward shaped as a Chinese and then and international festival. In the recent past years, this grew out as one of the biggest shopping festival of China and Singapore.

Symbol – 11/11

Singles Day is symbolized with following digits:

‘1’ denotes one single man.

’11’ represents two single men together on one side of the date: 11/11

’11/11′ represents two couples of singles celebrating Singles’ Day or Bachelors Day.



The Singles Day is mainly attributed as a shopping festival all around the world. There are huge offline and online shopping activities that take place on Singles Day in Singapore. E-commerce websites like Alibaba announce significant discounts and offers for buyers.

In 2023, it is expected that 11/11 will be remarkable day for shopping in Singapore. You can find Singles Day Sales and Discount Offers in Singapore and save huge money while buying your favorite goods.