There are many items that can be found in abundance in Singapore. One of the most popular is Epsom salt. In this guide, you will learn where to buy this salt online in Singapore. We have provided the salt description, benefits and top 5 stores to shop it.


What is Epsom Salt?

Also known as magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt is mineral compound that is pure in nature and has been used to treat several conditions for centuries. The basic properties of Epsom salt are sulfate and magnesium. As with baking soda, Epsom salt has been heralded as a multi-use, natural product that offers benefits which go beyond treating certain conditions.

what is epsom salt

You can find people using Epsom salt in their garden, household, and other applications. The sheer number of uses makes this product highly prized. However, it is also quite low in price because of the abundance of the materials. The benefits of Epsom salt are considerable.


Top 5 Places to Buy Epsom Salt in Singapore

Now that you better understand the importance of Epsom salt, the next step is acquiring it for your personal health or cleaning agent or fertilizer for your plants. Following are the five excellent places to shop the Epsom salt in Singapore.

  1. Fairprice
  2. Guardian Online
  3. iHerb
  4. Lazada Singapore
  5. Singapore Soap


1. Fairprice

Epsom Salt Fairprice Singapore

Fairprice has established itself as one of the leading discount online stores available for Singapore residents. The wide variety of inexpensive products includes Epsom salt which makes it a great addition to your purchase. Check here.



375 grams Guardian

Guardian provides high quality Epsom salt at a low, retail price. Currently, you can purchase a 375-gram box for under $5. This is a great way to get the Epsom salt you need without having to pay a higher price. Check here.


3. iHerb

iherb bath salt

iHerb offers a considerable variety of containers that contain pure Epsom salt. You can choose from the personal care products that offer up to 454 grams which makes them the perfect addition to your personal health and wellbeing. Plus, you can order smaller packages that are best suited for travel. You can find it here.


4. Lazada

Lazada Singapore also offers an exceptional selection of Epsom salt in containers both small and large to fit your needs. The price is low, the delivery fast, and the quantity more than enough to meet most people’s needs. Plus, the quality of the Epsom salt sold is particularly good. See here.


5. Singapore Soap

Singapore Soap offers a considerably variety of packages that range from just under $7 for a relatively small amount up to over $229 for a bulk order. This allows you to make the best-informed choice about which Epsom salt package is right for your needs. Find it here.


Above you got to learn about the top 5 places to buy Epsom salt in Singapore. Further, you’ll find its advantages and where you can make use of it in your everyday life.


Benefits of Epsom Salt

In treating conditions pertaining to human health, Epsom salt offers considerable benefits with few, if any side effects when used in the proper dosage.

Note: The benefits provided are based on general information. We cannot endorse any of the given health benefits for a particular use. Consult your physician before implementing it for any of its skin or health related purposes.


1. Lowers Inflammation:

Lowers Inflammation

If you suffer from conditions which cause inflammation in the body, such as gout for example, then soaking it in Epsom salt bath can help reduce the swelling. This is helpful for temporary conditions such as the swelling associated with sprains. Or lingering conditions such as gout. It reduces inflammation significantly, makes the splinter soft and comfortable to remove.


2. Pain Reliever:

pain reliever

Application of Epsom salt combined with warm water to the skin can help relieve the pain caused by certain conditions. For example, soaking in Epsom salt water can provide pain relief from bruises or sprains. Also, it can be quite helpful in reducing the pain in areas of the skin where splinters need to be removed.


3. Reduction of Odor:

odor removal

Epsom salt has been used to remove unwanted odor from the feet and skin. Simply soak your feet in a mixture of Epsom salt and warm water. The result is that the odor-causing agent are either destroyed or removed from the skin. This works quite well in neutralizing any foul smell that might be coming from your skin, particularly the feet.


4. Stress Reliever:

One of the most common uses of Epsom salt is adding it to a warm bath. The skin will absorb the Epsom salt with boosts the magnesium content in the body. However, its main function is to help relax and ease stress throughout the body when in use. Many people use Epsom salt primarily as an addition to their bath.

In addition to the health effects it has on the mind and body, there are also other benefits that can be derived from Epsom salt.


5. Cleaning Agent:

cleaning agent

If you are looking for a natural product that helps clean your dishes, tile floors, and other surfaces, Epsom salt is a good place to start. It is safe, natural, and quite effective. It may not quite have the versatility of baking soda, but for most applications it is close enough.


6. Plant Food:

plant food

If you want to add nourishment to your garden or even the potted plants you have in your home, Epsom salt is a good plant food. That is because it contains magnesium and sulfur, two important nutrients to plants.

Magnesium is an important element in chlorophyll. This means that you can add Epsom salt to your lawn and watch it become healthier and stronger. For those who want a healthy garden and lawn, it is a cheap, effective alternative to more expensive fertilizers.


Why Choose Epsom Salt?

As you can see from it benefits and easy availability in Singapore, Epsom salt makes a great addition to your home. Even if you are skeptical of the health benefits, it can be used as an inexpensive cleaning agent that works as well, if not better compared to more expensive chemical-based cleaning products. Plus, it is safe and harmless when used for cleaning.

Epsom salt may not be a wonder cure, but it does offer a wide variety of uses that are well appreciated in the home, garden, and business where saving on expenses can be crucial. For those who want a safe, proven product that helps relieve stress, lower inflammation, and provides effective pain relief for sprains and bruises, buying Epsom salt in Singapore certainly worth it.