If you have been looking for the best place to purchase books online in Singapore, you have probably noticed that there are quite a few options. The truth is that there are many renowned online bookstores that are available to readers in Singapore. Depending on your preferences and needs, you might find that one is better for you than another. However, since there are so many great options, we wanted to help you find the best bookshop. Our list considers prices and library size to help you receive the best reading experience. Read on to find the top 10 places to shop your favorite books at!


Top 10 Online Bookstores in Singapore

Where to Buy Books Online in Singapore

Following are the top 10 places briefly described where you can shop your desired book online conveniently.


1. Goguru – No. 1 Books Shop in Singapore


Goguru is another amazing online book retailer that does an excellent job of giving people in Singapore easy access to all of the best books. With its high-end website, you can easily explore the best book options that are currently available on any given day. It is user-friendly, filled with amazing titles, and they are known to offer a ton of truly amazing deals. You will love exploring the available titles, watching the seasonal sales, and saving money while you do it!


2. Fishpond


Fishpond is an incredible site that is perfect for purchasing books online. They offer an expansive list of titles, including many from popular authors. On their website, you can easily see the money that you are saving compared to other websites, so you always know how great of a deal you are receiving. Their collection is easy to navigate, filled with good titles, and even offers up exciting deals on the more popular titles. You can check back regularly to get the best possible savings.


3. Better World Books

If you are looking for an affordable and socially conscious way to buy books, Better World Books might just be exactly what you are looking for. This incredible online bookstore is not just a store, it is a donation hub. They donate books, raise money for literacy, and recycle books too. More importantly, they also offer second-hand books at a ridiculously good price. With Better World Books, you can feel like you are contributing to something good while you save money at the same time! Each book has a description detailing out its condition so you know exactly what you are paying for!


4. AbeBooks – Connects You with Trusted Book Sellers

AbeBooks offers a completely innovative approach to online book sales that are available to residents of Singapore. Their unique approach, which links trusted sellers with interested buyers, makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for, no matter how rare the book is! It is possible to connect with book collectors so you can always find the perfect copy every time!


5. Books Actually – A Book Community

Books Actually

Books Actually is not just an online bookstore, it is also a community. You can find incredible ways to save on the site, especially by signing up for their membership program, which comes in various options. With their state of the art membership program, you can enjoy discounts on every single purchase. This site is perfect for voracious readers who are constantly itching to get their hands on a new book. If you are looking for an ongoing relationship with an incredible book dealer, look no further. Books Actually is the perfect site for you!


6. Kinokuniya


Kinokuniya is another incredible website that focuses on bringing the best books around to Singapore. On this site, you can easily navigate by popular titles, genre, and more. It is perfect for exploring new books, whether you are ready to buy or not. You will find yourself easily filling up your cart as you explore all their new titles. There are so many great books available and so many wonderful opportunities to save that you won’t want to miss out!


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7. Amazon

Amazon Sg

It comes as no surprise that Amazon is one of the top retailers in countries all around the world and Singapore is no exception. With Amazon, access to books has never been easier. You can shop for great deals, join their existing programs for added sales, and generally experience an incredible online bookstore. Amazon is known for its expansive library, its wonderful prices, and it’s role as a platform for book sellers online. Most will find that Amazon is a great fit whether they are looking for paper books or simply want to fill their Kindle library up with amazing and engaging reads!


8. Book Depository

The Book Depository is a website that prides itself on providing interested customers with easy access to the best books around. If you are wondering where to buy books online in Singapore, BookDepoitory.com is always worth checking. They are constantly offering incredible deals on popular titles that are guaranteed to impress you. Whether you are looking for kids books, romance novels, or even graphic novels, this is the best place in a lot of cases.


9. Basheer Graphic Books

Basheer Graphics Books

If you are looking to buy books online in Singapore but also want to support a local business, this is without a doubt the best local bookshop. Basheer Graphic Books has a long list of exciting titles, including some more unique titles than the average retailer will carry. You can browse their long list of books to find the perfect choice for your next read. They offer fast shipping and even give you the convenience of paying with PayPal.


10. Open Trolley

This is one online bookstore that wastes no time in helping you to find exactly what you are looking for. Open Trolley offers an incredibly easy way to navigate genres and interests without forcing you to know exactly what you are looking for. It makes it all too easy to find a new book that you will absolutely love to spend time reading. Even better, this website is actually Singapore based, making it incredibly easy for you to find great reads at a reasonable price.



Online bookstores in Singapore in this list offer readers some pretty serious perks. Whether it is finding a good sale on the right day or joining a membership program to keep the sales coming, online bookstores are known for making books more accessible than ever. If you are looking to stock up for your physical or digital library, consider looking through any of these incredible sites to find the books you want to read. You will be glad that you did!