November 11 is just around the corner. Singles’ Day is a bit different from the other holidays and festivals. Men especially the singles take interest in celebrating this day but they actually do not know about its basics. So guys, in this guide, we will tell you 7 tips to celebrate The Singles’ Day (11/11) or Bachelors’ Day.


1- Shopping, Shopping and Shopping

If you have been holding buying your desired goods, Singles Day is the time to shop them. You would hardly believe but in fact, Singles Day has become the biggest shopping event of the world. The amazing thing is that all famous brands including online and offline sellers announce huge discounts on their products. This makes November 11th the most ideal day for shopping, not only for singles but for all.


In past couple of years, Singles Day brought blockbusting sales in China, Singapore and other Asian countries. Alibaba, the world’s biggest marketplace recorded the biggest sale of $31 billions on Singles Day 2018. This outstanding figure of sales even beat Amazon’s biggest shopping day, known as Prime Day.

So don’t miss this golden opportunity of grabbing your favorite goods at the least prices of the year.


2- A Seven Day Trip with Your Single Friends

If I got a seven day off from my job, I would love having a small trip with my friends.

What about getting a 3-hour flight to Bali Indonesia or a 2-hour air travel to Phuket Thailand, all with your beloved friends.

Short Trip from Singapore

Singles’ Day is the time when there are amazing discounts on everything, yes, and this everything includes foreign flights to Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Believe me, 11.11 is the best time to satisfy your travel cravings.

Just win over your friends on this and enjoy a remarkable Singles Day in 2021.


3- A Day in Theater

Don’t have to buy anything?

Out of office leaves or budget for traveling?

Then watching a movie comes as a nicer option.


There are lots of cinemas across Singapore such as Shaw Theatres, FilmGrade Bugis+ and Platinum Movie Suites. Enjoying a couple of latest movies with your friends will make your day, yet on a budget.

If you are at a place other than Singapore, you can locate a nearby theater from this Google search.


4- Have Some Scrumptious Food on Discount

Whether you are roaming with a bunch of friends or alone in your home, some scrumptious Singaporean food can make your Singles Day even tastier. Having an uncommon meal in lunch will bring you a memorable eating experience while not being too heavy on the pocket.


If you are alone to enjoy the meal, you can feel thankful while paying the bill :). However, if there’re family members with you, still don’t worry as there will be huge discounts on almost all food brands. FoodPanda and Fave usually offer lavish discounts on Singles Day every year.

Good options to enjoy in the meal could be curry fish head, Singaporean Hokkien Mee, Stingray or Chicken Satay.


5- Bowling with Friends

Spending a few hours in a bowling alley with friends would still remark your Singles day with utter joy. There are many gaming spots in Singapore that offer bowling at a cheap price. In fact you can enjoying bowling as low as $2.6 each game. You can make a combo by enjoying your favorite meal in an adjacent restaurant.


Planet Game, Changi Bowl and Westwood Bowl are some of the places where you can enjoy bowling with your friends. This article on TheSmartLocal would provide you with more details and prices.


6- Spend Hours on Beach

Spending Hours on Beach on Singles Day

Let’s feel honored to be single!

Do this by spending a few hours on the beach.

Whether you are alone or have a group of friends, Singles Day is yours. Celebrate your singleness with a calm and serene atmosphere of the sea. Watch the waves coming to the shore and disappearing. This is a great way to celebrate Singles’ Day especially for those who want some time free from disturbance and interference.

In Singapore, Palawan Beach, Changi Beach Park and Siloso Beach are good options to find some peaceful moments.


7- Indulge Yourself in a 3d Gaming Experience

There are still many fun activities you’ve definitely been missing so far. If you want to enjoy the day with some unique fun, let’s enjoy 3d gaming. A 3d game simulates a real life environment as if you are physically playing the game instead of the character you see in other games. It would bring you an unmatched experience that you surely have been missing yet.

You can find 3d game cafes in Singapore that are of the highest class. If you have a bunch of friends, that would be more fun. Usually, there is one person who is playing the game while others really enjoy seeing him playing a 3d game.

Watch this video to learn more about 3d gaming experience:

Video by AkibaPress