Finding the right pair of sandals for men can be really tough work, especially if you have no idea where to get them from to begin with. If you don’t know where to buy men’s sandals online in Singapore, worry no longer! You will find whatever kind of sandals that you want from our listed online stores below!

1. iprice

This store is one of the leading online stores in Singapore, mainly for its plethora of footwear. The sandals found in this amazing store are known to be of really high quality, and they all come with a variety of different colors, sizes and models to choose from.

From crocs to Birkenstock sandals to even slides made by various renowned brands, you can find anything and everything in iprice.

The store also comes with a range of other stuff, such as men’s fashion wear, women’s outfits, skincare and household essentials.

The best thing about the store is probably its range of different products but for a really budget friendly price tag. This is one of the main reasons why people flock to iprice, because you get both, quality and affordability here at the same time!

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ALDO should be on the top of your list for men looking for simple, beach foot wear. This amazing store is really renowned in Singapore due to its variety of different branded items.

The interface of the online store is also really easy to maneuver around, so clueless men who have no idea where to start looking from will definitely appreciate shopping on this platform.

Currently, ALDO is featuring a discount offer in their online store, so for every two shoes or sandals that you purchase, you’ll be receiving an extra foot wear for free!

Albeit a tad bit costlier than the previous online store listed on this article, ALDO has still captured many hearts of men, both inside and outside of Singapore.

If you want to purchase something super simple but branded and high quality, you can consider going for their Dubost, Balsam or Moraunt sandals. The sandals fall on the expensive end of the spectrum, but the quality makes up for the temporary hole in your wallet.

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3. Zalora

If you have been living in Singapore for a long time now, chances are you have heard of this incredible online store at least once during your stay. Zalora, with its overabundance of amazing shoes and sandals for men, has been a true household name in the country.

This store is one of the very best and renowned online stores in Singapore. The plethora of gorgeous and practical foot wear for men found in this store can definitely give any of its competitors a tight run for their money.

Zalora features various branded foot wear, starting from casual beach sandals to even Adidas originals.

If you want to settle for the best sandals on the market, go for their featured Birkenstock. Their displayed Birkenstock sandals are made of top-quality materials and will easily last you for a really long time.

Made for the practical man in society, Zalora offers one of the best Arizona sandals that you can wear during both, in the office and on the beach.

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4. Zilingo

Last but not least, we have Zilingo. This trendsetter online store has been a top choice for Singaporeans both in and out of the country for years now. Their high quality products are definitely worth the splurge.

From minimalistic flippers to cross brown beach wear, men can find any kind of sandals that they desire the most here. If you want something a tad bit showier than just simple sandals, we suggest you to go for their Summer Genuine sandals made of real leather.

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Final Words

We hope you now know where to buy men’s sandals online in Singapore. Don’t take our word for it? Go ahead and check out the mentioned stores for yourself and prepare to be in awe! We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it helped you in making a decision in the end.