iHerb is one of the best online stores in Singapore for shopping for natural products. The store was launched intending to increase the overall usage of natural products, and it does that pretty well. As a part of their plan, iHerb online Singapore offers tons of sales, and one of the major events is launched on the singles day.

You’ll find all sorts of products relating to homeopathy, bathing, beauty, supplements, sports, and herbs. If you’re looking forward to using natural products for a better lifestyle and cleaner environment, you should browse the online store of iHerb today!

Here are some of the iHerb singles day deals you’ll find this year.

1. Exclusive Promo Code:

iHerb offers an exclusive promo code that offers a 5% discount on what you purchase. To avail of this discount offer, you must use the code WOW123.


2. Sales Deal for New Customers:

If you’re a new customer, you can get a 15% discount rate on everything you purchase on iHerb online. To avail of this discount, you must enter the code NEW15.


3. 12% Deal on $50 Purchase:

If you purchase at least $50 on iHerb, you can get a discount of 12% on anything you purchase. Use the code IHERB1010 to get this offer!

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4. Vitamin D3 Deal:

Want to buy some Vitamin D3? You better do that with iHerb, because iHerb is offering a flat discount of 20% on every unit of vitamin D3 purchased.

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5. Earthtone Supplements Deal:

If you’re looking forward to buying Earthtone supplements, you can get those products on a flat 15% sales by using the code EARTHTONE15. Grab yours today!

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6. Special Deal:

IHerb is offering a lot of products at a discount that offers up to 40%. You can get products ranging from vitamins, body care, food solutions to other health care products. This deal mentions the brands of the week that are offering discount in the ongoing week. These deals also refer to special clearance sales every week. These products can be purchased at a special rate with a 50% discount!

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7. Trial Items:

The trial items are to be used only once, and you can purchase them once too. But the good part is, you can purchase the trial items at a discount offers up to 85%!

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