Looking for Singles Day deals for Kinokuniya? Here you’d get it all!

Kinokuniya is an online store in Singapore that offers amazing books. When this online store started out, they used to feature Japanese books mostly. However, now they’re expanding their inventory, and you’ll find their collection to be versatile.

You can find books in English, Chinese, Japanese, and even French on Kinokuniya. Moreover, they sell study books such as IELTS prep course, SAT prep course, etc. books that are required internationally. Overall, we think that their collection is quite comprehensive, especially compared to most Asian bookstores. It is conspicuous to state that Kinokuniya is one of the best online bookstores in Singapore.

Furthermore, they offer convenient and relevant products as tote bags and journals. You can either get the products delivered to your home, or you can pick them up from any of the four stores of Kinokuniya in Singapore.

For Singles day, Kinokuniya offers some amazing deals on their books and other products, and trust me, if you’re a book worm, their discount offers will surely tempt you. Now, we’ll look at the Kinokuniya singles day deals.


1. Nanoblock x Block One Piece Collectibles – 30% Off

Nanoblock One Piece - Kinokuniya Discount 30 Singapore

Avail this limited 30% discount offer at Kinokuniya. Valid for Jurong Store and Web Stores only. Terms and conditions apply. Find details about this offer here.


2. Kiasunomics Deals:

There are lots of evergreen promotions for privileged members. For buying Kiasunomics books, there are lucrative discounts for members.

Kiasunomics is an amazing book that offers economic insights, and there are two titles of this series, where the latter part is called Kiasunomics.

You can get the Kiasunomics books at a 15% sales discount from Kinokuniya. However, this is a limited time discount offer, and it’s subjected to product availability as well. If you can place the order successfully, it’ll take seven days for the product to arrive.

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3. Offer on Selected Books:

If you have the privilege card of Kinokuniya, you can get a whopping 20% discount on 30 amazing titles. The most popular titles were handpicked for making this list, and there are some really interesting titles here that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Privilege Card Deal:

If you have the privilege card, you’ll be able to avail discount offers of flat 10% on all the titles available in the Kinokuniya shop!

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4. Sign-up Sales Deal:

If you sign-up for their newsletter, you’ll get a 10% discount on their retail prices.


5. Corporate Powerhouse Deals:

You can get the corporate powerhouse books from Kinokuniya at a flat discount of 15%!

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